Toronto Soccer Association

Respect In Soccer

The Respect in Soccer program was introduced in 2011 to provide coaches with invaluable information about coaching and essential approaches around working with youngsters in an appropriately respectful and nurturing coaching environment. RiS is an e-learning program for coaches, trainers, managers and any adult with a supervisory role over youth involved in soccer. It is designed as a tool to assist participants in identifying and dealing with abuse, neglect, harassment and bullying in sport.

The online course costs $30 and the curriculum is broken into six(6), 30 minute modules and includes audio/visual presentations, quizzes and printable handouts. Another beneficial feature of the program isthat it does not need to be done all at once; it can be completed at your leisure. All competitive-level coaches must complete the “Respect in Soccer” program. We are hoping that coaches will recognize the ong-term value of the program because of the values it promotes and also what it teaches regarding important practical guidelines for youth coaches.

The certification must be renewed every five (5) years, and the course can be accessed from March 19th, by clicking on the logo below: