Toronto Soccer Association

Concussion Protocol

The Toronto Soccer Association. Ontario Soccer, and Toronto FC have launched a collaboration with the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital to improve access to concussion education, baseline testing, and training for players, parents, coaches and trainers.

It is estimated that one in five sport-related injuries are concussions. About 200,000 concussions are reported each year in Canada but the true number is likely much higher, as concussions are largely under-reported.

As part of our concussion management partnership with Holland Bloorview, the TSA introduced a mandatory Concussion Protocol to our Youth Leagues in 2017. This protocol is the first of it’s kind in youth soccer in North America, and continues into the 2021 summer season.

Team Head Coaches, Club Administrators and TSA staff all receive intensive education on concussion- what is it, how to identify it, how to monitor it and a Return To Play process.

Information on this ground-breaking initiative can be found below:



For further information on the "TSA Concussion Protocol", please contact Alan Gould, Executive Director:

For further information on the Holland Bloorview Concussion Centre, please visit their website here